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The official emblem of M.E.Ch.A. is unique and may not be replaced by any substitutes. The Eagle is holding a dynamite stick, ready to explode. This dynamite stick represents the Chicano people and its potential political consciousness ready to awaken. What we refer to as the Brown Giant. In the other claw of the Eagle you will se an Aztec War Club with obsidian sharp edges. Obsidian is a volcanic black stone almost like black glass. If you examine the Eagle, it is descending but its destination has not been reached. Many view the Eagle as Cuahtemoc returning to defend La Raza. The “H” in M.E.Ch.A. must remain small because in the Spanish alphabet there is a “Ch”.

The words that surround the Eagle read, “M.E.Ch.A.” / ”La Union Hace La Fuerza” which means, “M.E.Ch.A.” / “Our Unity Will Be Our Strength.” M.E.Ch.A. is the acronym for El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan. Movimiento means movement for a cause of unity, struggle, and justice. The Chicano Movement strives for self-determination and the liberation of our people. Estudiantil means students, students who understood that no one was going to give us anything. We had to fight for our own human and civil rights. Chicano, is a political term and ideology meaning all of our Raza. At first Chicano was seen as a negative, and now it is taken as a badge of pride. Aztlan is the last term, but one which takes us back to the beginning. It is the legendary birthplace of the Mexica. Meaning “somewhere to the North,” better known today as the Southwest. La Union Hace La Fuerza was first coined in 1929 by La Alianza Hispano Americana a mutual aid society based in New Mexico.

The second emblem derives out of the book of “El Plan de Santa Barbara” in 1969. This symbol was never approved and thus subsequently never used. According to Sal Castro, “This logo was the original and was used before the logo that we use today.” The person in the second logo is Cuahtemoc the last Aztec Prince. The name Cuahtemoc when translated in English means “Descending Eagle.” He proudly defended Tenochtitlan against the Spanish forces who invaded and plundered a whole continent. The words around Cuahtemoc read, “Por Mi Raza Habla El Espiritu” / “M.E.Ch.A.”, which means “For My People My Spirit Speaks” / “M.E.Ch.A.”